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Our goal at Your Pitbull and You is to provide our readers with the knowledge they need to become better dog owners for their pets.

Who we Are?

Your Pitbull and You is a website that covers all aspects of dog ownership, including:

  1. Behavior and training
  2. Breed descriptions and comparisons
  3. Product reviews for dogs (harnesses, crates, toys & more)
  4. Dog food reviews and nutrition education
  5. Dog health, including supplements and insurance information
  6. A resource for parents, children, and educators that provides an educational overview of dog ownership.

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Here to For Pet Parents

You Pitbull and You are here to help pet parents find the two things they most need in their pet-centric lives: expert advice and heartwarming pet news. Because we understand that being a pet parent entails more than just caring for a pet—it also entails developing a fulfilling, long-term relationship with your four-legged family members.

We’re here to make sure pet parents get the greatest science-backed answers on all their pet health and behavior problems, thanks to our expert interview sources, Advisory Board, and Content Review Team. Our product reviews and recommendations are made by pet parents for pet parents to keep it authentic. Our pet news and social media outlets also bring you the happy stories of real pets and real families.

Silly Pitbull Blooper Videos

Silly Pitbull Blooper Videos

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