Are you looking for the Best Chew Toys For Pitbulls? Every dog needs a chew toy. Although pitbulls have received a bad image, they are a pleasant and lively breed that makes good companions despite their controversial reputation.

Provide your pets with plenty of toys to keep them amused and ensure that they get enough exercise as pet parents.

If pit bulls are locked up inside or left alone for an extended period of time, their owners run the risk of them chewing up anything and everything in sight.

The 10 Best Chew Toys For Pitbulls [top Picks!]
The 10 Best Chew Toys For Pitbulls [top Picks!]

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For this reason, because pitbulls are strong dogs who enjoy gnawing, they require toys that are both sturdy enough to survive their strength and large enough for their size.

These toys should be safe and strong, with no parts that could be broken off, eaten, or choked on by a pit bull. They should also be non-toxic.

Top Picks for Most Indestructible and Toughest Chew Toys

  1. Overall best toy for pitbull: GoughNuts TuG Dog Toy
  2. Toughest chew toys for pit bulls: GoughNuts Original Ring Dog Toy
  3. Most indestructible pitbull Toy: GoughNuts Interactive Black Chew Ball
  4. Aggressive chewer dog toy: KONG Extreme Dog Toy
  5. Tough chewer dog toy: GoughNuts MAXX Chew Stick
  6. Best Fun Pitbull Chew Toy: West Paw Zogoflex Tux
  7. Best Durable Pitbull Chew Toy: Nylabone XL/Souper Dura Chew
  8. Best Outdoor Chew Toy: KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy
  9. Best Pitbull Toy for Tugging: Mammoth Flossy
  10. Best Chemical Free Chew Toy: Benebone Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

The more difficult the toy is, the better it is!

Some of the best toys for pit bulls include long-lasting solid rubber toys, treat-dispensing toys, strong ropes for tug of war, and chew toys, just to name a few options.

So, let’s get started on your quest for the best pitbull toy that will save you both money and time in the process.

Here’s a rundown of the greatest chew toys for people who chew a lot of things.

List of 10 Indestructible Dog Toys

Here are some of the best interactive dog toy squeaker, durable dog toy, tough toy, rubber toy, sand best dog toy for your pitbull puppy whose been an aggressive chewer.

1. Overall best toy for pitbull: GoughNuts TuG Dog Toy

image 126
1. Best Overall Toy: GoughNuts TuG Dog Toy

GoughNuts toys are a terrific way to keep your rambunctious Pitbull entertained and out of trouble as a heavy chewer.

There’s a reason why Pitbull like the american pit bull terrier pet parents keep coming back to GoughNuts: they manufacture durable toys that can withstand intense play for longer lengths of time than other toys.

This GoughNuts TuG toy is the Pitbull’s favorite toy.

They like it because of its unique design, rubber material, and the challenge it gives in a good tug-of-war game.

The GoughNuts TuG toy is an interactive play that measures 11″ long by 6″ wide and is made of durable natural rubber with designed carbon reinforcement and a red safety indicator that indicates when it’s time to take the toy away from your dog.

The TuG toy is by far the most difficult toy for Pitties on the market.

When rolled on hard surfaces, the toy makes little noise because it is constructed of rubber.

There are no loose bits or sections that can easily be broken off during play.

It is available in four colors: black, orange, yellow, and green, as well as three sizes: small, original, and maxx.

The MaXX size is the thickest, with a diameter of 6.25″ and is recommended for dogs over 65 pounds or aggressive chewers such as the Pittbull.

The GoughNuts’ TuG is an excellent severe chew toy for pitties if you’re seeking a tough and long-lasting toy for strong chewers.

2. Toughest chew toys for pit bulls: GoughNuts Original Ring Dog Toy

image 127
2. Top-Rated: GoughNuts Original Ring Dog Toy

The Ring Toy is yet another intriguing and long-lasting toy on the GoughNuts list of must-have toys for strong chewers.

It’s constructed of natural rubber, like the TuG toy, and has two layers, with the inner core being red as a safety indicator, indicating that if your dog chews down to this red layer, it’s time to take it away.

The ring toy bounces, rolls, and even floats making it ideal for games like tug-of-war and retrieve.

It, too, is available in four different colors and three sizes, but the black ring with a yellow dot is the MaXX and the most powerful of the bunch, and the one we recommend for Pitbulls. Whenever you give your dog a new toy, keep an eye on him.

The Ring Toy is another popular choice among Pitties since it is both chewable and durable. Furthermore, because it is a hard rubber chew toy, it will not harm your teeth.

Most PitBull pet parents have tried the KONGS Extreme series of toys and were happy with them for a while, until they tried the GoughNuts toys – this toy is a perfect example of an almost indestructible toy for power chewers that will save you money in the long term.

3. Most indestructible pitbull Toy: GoughNuts Interactive Black Chew Ball

image 128
3. Expert Choice: GoughNuts Interactive Black Chew Ball

The GoughNuts Black 50 Toughest Ball is an interactive chew toy created by mechanical and polymer experts in the United States.

Owners who prefer a brighter, easier-to-find ball can choose from a variety of colors and patterns offered by Goughnuts.

Large canines who like to gnaw and play fetch will love these bouncy rubber balls. It floats in water as well.

This toy comes with a lifetime warranty, so pitbull owners can take a chance on it knowing that if it doesn’t hold up to their dog’s gnawing, they’ll get a refund.

If a pitbull eats through the durable black outer layer to expose the red layer underneath, like the GoughNuts Maxx Stick below, the business will replace it for the dog’s safety.

GoughNuts toys are popular with larger dogs, and owners appreciate the value for money.

This interactive dog ball measures 3″ in diameter, making it ideal for larger dogs to play with and carry about without posing a choking hazard.

It’s easy to see why it’s usually listed as a best seller toy for strong chewers, given the positive feedback from happy owners.

4. Aggressive chewer dog toy: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

image 129
4. Bargain Chew Toy: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Kongs is a well-known and well-respected brand of dog toys that are designed to survive prolonged play and chewing.

Pitbulls are known for tearing apart most other toys with little effort, therefore Kong’s huge dog toys are ideal for them.

Kong Extreme is a product of the United States of America.

Kongs are extremely durable and non-toxic due to their all-natural rubber construction.

They’re also a lot of fun for dogs to play with because of their form.

Kong toys can be packed with treats to keep your pit bull entertained for hours and are easy to clean afterward, making for a winning combination for both canines and owners.

Treat dispensing toys keep dogs occupied for a long time and can help them cope with separation anxiety when their owners are gone.

This giant Kong is an excellent value for money alternative that is ideal for large dogs who enjoy chewing.

Fill it with your dog’s favorite foods, such as kibble, peanut butter, frozen yogurt, raw vegetables, and other treats.

With huge, strong dogs like pitbulls, KONG Extreme lasts longer than most other dog toys.

The KONG is still one of the greatest dog toys for aggressive chewers like pit bulls, with excellent reviews!

5. Tough chewer dog toy: GoughNuts MAXX Chew Stick

image 130
5. Power Chewer Toy: GoughNuts MAXX Chew Stick

GoughNuts MAXX 50 Stick is a chew stick toy developed in the United States that is unbreakable and safe for extreme chewers like Pitties.

These massive, long-lasting Maxx Sticks are 9 inches long and 2 inches wide, resembling a large sausage.

Because each stick weighs around one and a half pounds, pitpulls can easily fetch and play with them. They even float, so you can have fun in the water with them!

The Maxx Sticks from GoughNuts come with a lifetime warranty. It also has a safety signal that reads “GoughNuts” in black/green and “Stop” in red.

You should discard the toy if your pit bull manages to chew through the outer covering and expose the red layer underneath.

The Maxx Stick is a fairly priced toy for extreme chewers that pitbull owners may purchase that will survive longer than most other so-called “indestructible” toys on the market, with safety as their top focus.

This toy’s diameter is meant to make it more difficult for aggressive chewers to shred it while yet being easy to grab in their teeth.

Customers have tested the MAXX 50 Stick Pro on pit bulls who like to chew and discovered that it lasts for a few months with minimum damage.

6. Best Fun Pitbull Chew Toy: West Paw Zogoflex Tux

image 131
6. Best Challenging Toy: West Paw Zogoflex Tux

West Paw’s Tux are yet another fantastic option for sturdy toys that owners can stuff with treats to keep their dogs occupied, challenged, and entertained for hours! Aqua blue, tangerine orange, granny smith green, and black are the colors available.

Tux dog toys float on water, bounce, and fling. Tux toys are popular among dogs for both solo chewing and interactive playtime with their humans.

West Paw toys are created in the United States and do not contain any potentially harmful substances such as BPA or Phthalate.

Furthermore, these toys are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze for owners.

West Paw toys are completely insured against dog damage, so if a pit bull manages to destroy one, owners may return it for a full refund.

Tux toys are popular among dog owners because they are incredibly durable and keep dogs entertained.

The large hollow midsection allows owners to easily insert rewards such as kibble, raw veggies, frozen yogurt, peanut butter, and other foods.

Toys like the Zogoflex Tux are ideal for preventing boredom in Pit bull puppies and adult dogs, as well as decreasing harmful chewing activities.

7. Best Durable Pitbull Chew Toy: Nylabone XL/Souper Dura Chew Textured Dog Chew

image 132
7. Best Bone Chew Toy: Nylabone XL/Souper Dura Chew Textured Dog Chew

Nylabone is a trusted dog chew toy manufacturer that has been around since 1955 and won’t let you down if you’re seeking for yet another example of the best toys for pit bulls.

Their XL/Souper Dura Chew Textured Dog Chew is a terrific chew toy alternative for pitbulls, who are a powerful breed who enjoy chewing!

Nylabone has specifically designed rough nubs and ridges that help keep dogs’ teeth clean while they chew, making it a long-lasting chew toy.

This chew, which is created in the United States, is excellent for dogs who weigh more than 50 pounds.

Nylabones are flavorful all the way through (not just the top layer), so dogs don’t get bored chewing them.

Nylabone chews are also available in a variety of flavors, including peanut butter, liver, chicken, and bacon.

Nylabone chews are popular among dog owners since their dogs return to them on a regular basis, and they can last weeks or months depending on the chewing technique of the dog.

Destructive chewing is one of the most preventable undesirable behaviors that dogs develop, according to Nylabone.

These toys have been recommended by veterinarians to help with attention-seeking, boredom, and other issues.

Purchasing chew toys for pitbulls is an important part of discouraging destructive chewing and providing them with a healthy outlet for their natural desire to chew, and Nylabone is unquestionably one of the best dog bones for aggressive chewers available!

8. Best Outdoor Chew Toy: KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

image 133
8. Expert Choice: KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

The Kong Extreme ball toys, which are made of robust, puncture-proof rubber and are perfect for larger dogs and avid chewers, are another great toy for pit bulls. It’s simple to see why it’s considered one of the best unbreakable dog ball toys on the market.

These bouncy balls are perfect for fetch and are suggested by veterinarians all over the world for medium and big breed dogs.

Kong Extreme is 3″ in diameter and weighs roughly 260 grams.

This pitbull toy is popular among owners because it can endure a lot of abuse, even from dogs who destroy every other toy in minutes.

Owners are pleased to note that this toy has survived months of eating and playing with minimum damage or teeth marks, making it an ideal pitbull proof toy.

This Extreme ball, like most Kong toys, has a small hole in it that may be used to insert or freeze goodies for more enjoyment!

Small bones, kibble, peanut butter, or frozen yogurt can be placed in the hole for dogs to find.

The toy dog ball is non-toxic and easy to clean because it is made entirely of natural rubber.

9. Best Toy for Tugging: Mammoth Flossy

image 134
9. Best Toy for Tugging: Mammoth Flossy

The Mammoth Flossy rope tog play, which comes in numerous sizes, is another robust dog toy for pitbull puppies and adults.

The medium-length Flossy, which is 20 inches long, or the x-large, which is 32 inches long, are the best lengths for adult pitbulls.

The high color cotton blend rope fibers in Mammoth dog toys floss dogs’ teeth while they chew and play. That’s what I call a win-win situation.

Three knots run the length of the tug toy, making it simple for owners to play tug of war with their dogs or for dogs to gnaw and play with on their own.

Mammoth toys, unlike other rope toys, do not have any bits that can be broken off and rarely leave frayed ends all over the house.

Mammoth tug toys are popular among owners because their dogs enjoy playing with them and carrying them around.

This toy keeps dogs’ teeth clean and their breath fresh, making it ideal for keeping their dental hygiene in check with no effort.

This is one of the greatest toys for pitbulls, and for under ten dollars, it’s a steal.

We discovered that the Mammoth Rope Toy is made longer than other rope toys, and can withstand the chewing of most dogs.

10. Best Chemical Free Chew Toy: Benebone Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

image 135
10. A Strong Contender: Benebone Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Benebone is a popular brand of chew toys for dogs that are supposed to be chewed rather than eaten.

They have a wishbone-shaped bacon-flavored chew toy that is constructed with only two ingredients: ultra durable nylon that will withstand even the most ferocious chewers, and bacon.

This wonderful pitbull chew toy comes in a variety of scents, including chicken and peanut butter.

The wishbone design of this toy is perfect since it is easy for dogs to hold while chewing.

Benebone chews are larger and last longer than other chew toys on the market, and they’re also quite affordable.

Benebone chews for pit bulls are popular among owners because they are free of chemicals and artificial tastes, allowing their dogs to chew to their hearts’ delight.

Owners should observe their dogs while chewing on this delicious Benebone Wishbone and toss it out when it gets too small or pieces start to break off, as they should with most dog toys.

Toys to Stay Away From If You Have A Pittie

Soft toys with beady eyes, squeakers, and bells that can be ingested or choked on should not be given to a pit bull.

If you do decide to allow your pitbull play with soft toys, make sure to keep an eye on them at all times.

A pitbull is likely to pull this type of toy apart rapidly, making it not only potentially harmful but also a waste of money.

Pitbulls should not be allowed to play with traditional sporting balls such as tennis, basketball, or soccer balls because they are not puncture-proof or designed to be chewed.

These toys are easily broken apart by a pitbull who loses interest in them shortly.

These dog toys can also be dangerous if minute bits are swallowed or if they are made of poisonous materials that should not be chewed.

In the end, the same attention you give your Pitbull when it comes to the meals he eats should be transferred to the toys he plays with.

Yes, keeping Pitties entertained and active can be difficult at times.

Pitbull owners understand the frustration of purchasing toy after toy only to have their dogs rip it to shreds in hours, if not minutes!

And we all know that if left to their own devices, a Pittie will come up with a plethora of inventive ways to wreak significant property damage and entertain himself.

Giving dogs toys that are easy to break and perhaps choke on is not only costly, but it may also be harmful.

Investing in robust, chew-proof dog toys created expressly for aggressive chewers would make everyone happier and save us time.

FAQ on The 10 Best Chew Toys For Pitbulls

What can I give my pitbull to play with?

For example, chew toys, firm rubber toys with treats hidden inside, thick ropes for tug of war, and chew toys are just a few of the best toys for pit bulls. So, let’s get started on saving you money and time in your search for the finest pitbull toy by guiding you through the process. Here is a run-down of the top-recommended toys for chewers who are very aggressive.

At what age do pitbulls stop chewing everything?

Teething causes the puppy to engage in this behavior during his first phase of chewing, and he is compelled to have something in his mouth during this time. It generally comes to an end when all of the adult teeth have emerged, which means it should be winding down about 5-6 months of age.

Are pitbulls chewers?

A Pitbull chews on a regular basis, as do many other dog breeds. They are particularly vulnerable when they are uninformed, have little advice on what to chew, and are presented with the option to chew. When they are young, pitbulls will even chew when they are bored or have separation anxiety.

Why does my pitbull chew everything?

If he learns the habit during teething, he is more likely to continue it until those powerful adult teeth have grown in and become established. Pitties chew for a variety of other reasons, including: Boredom is a good thing since it gives you something to do and it consumes energy. It feels wonderful — dogs enjoy the sensation on their gums, and it helps to keep their teeth clean.

How do pitbulls like to play?

Pit Bulls are extremely athletic and have incredible stamina! You may have a fantastic time with your dog while displaying their excellent agility skills, participating in fly ball, and participating in other thrilling dog sports. Pit Bulls enjoy swimming, running, playing frisbee, and romping around in the great outdoors.

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