When we first started the Your Pit Bull and You Facebook page, we had some simple goals. Simple, but to some, probably pretty lofty – taking the positive promotion of pit bulls to another level. A level at  which we not only  try to help people see pit bulls as the wonderful dogs we all know them to be, but also help dispel some pretty long-standing myths: pit bulls are tough and, accordingly, need tough training techniques.
Well, almost 5,000 followers later, we think we’ve started to do a pretty good job at that. We’ve developed a pretty savvy group of followers who seem to understand (or want to understand) that pit bulls can and do learn just like any other type of dog. They don’t need a heavier hand, painful metal neckwear or pack leaders.

So, after some careful thought and consideration, we’ve decided to take things to yet another level and we are proud to welcome you to www.yourpitbullandyou.com! As we grow and evolve, we’ll be adding lots of exciting features, like links to some of our favorite resources, organizations and products. We’ll also be working hard to develop our new mission: allowing you and your pit bull to pay it forward. We’ve shown each other how the power of reward-based training has enriched our lives, now let’s share it with the rest of the world! One of our first projects is a calendar contest from which the proceeds will benefit another group of dogs often cast off and unwanted: seniors. What better way for our beloved pit bulls to share the love and show what Superheroes we know they are!

The 2014 Your Pit Bull and You…Payin’ It Forward calendar contest is just the first of many projects we’ll be undertaking as we continue to grow our mission of changing the way the world sees pit bulls and expanding its understanding of animal learning.
As always, our spokesdogs, Villere and Hazel are so glad you have joined us and share our mission!