Nando Brown is the extremely popular and well-respected (and rightly so!) face of In The Doghouse, DTC in Almogia, Spain. Nando has made a name for himself by being very forthright in sharing his thoughts and experiences and what led him to force-free training. His amazing Trick Dog program, boasts two of our favorite dogs as graduates: Paisley and Jambo. Paisley was the first pit bull to earn the “Uber Dude” title and Jambo was named Dog of the Year for 2013. We are uber-excited to shine the Trainer Spotlight on Nando Brown!

Nando’s interest in dogs runs far and wide from scent work, tricks, bitework, and advanced clicker training. He’s participated in seminars by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and is a member of The Academy for Dog Trainers, both of which he says have been pivotal points in his career as a dog trainer and can’t thank both Jean Donaldson (we are definitely right there with ya, Nando!) and Steve Mann enough for their mentorship.


YPBY: What led you to a career as a dog trainer?

Nando Brown: I made every mistake in the book! I was a young ex Marine who thought having a dog was just something you did, if you liked dogs. I didn’t realise the commitment that went in to sharing your life with another living animal. So I picked the wrong breed, wrong breeder, wrong puppy in the litter, undersocialised, over exercised….. you name it, I did it wrong. When a behaviourist told me I needed to put my dog to sleep I decided I would do everything in my power to right the wrongs I had made…. so I became a dog trainer.

YPBY: Tell us a bit about your services.

Nando Brown: Based on the south coast of Spain in the “California of Europe”, In The Doghouse is everything dog! We have a pet lodge, dog training centre, grooming studio, we manufacture and distribute our own brand of food among the vets and pet shops, offer behaviour consultations and give seminars in different locations around Europe (when invited to do so). 

YPBY: What methods do you use?

Nando Brown: I employ force free dog training methods because I find them to be the most effective and kindest way of training any animal! This might include clicker training/shaping, capturing, lure & reward, marker training or a mixture of all of the above.



YPBY: Why do you choose to train using force-free methods?

Nando Brown: Because I’m a cross over trainer, I have first hand experience of the damage that using aversives in training can do. I have found that using methods that rely on using your dogs prey drive and love of food to encourage good behaviour to be much more effective.

YPBY: What sets you apart from other trainers?

Nando Brown: My bald head and tattoos 🙂

I think I’m drawn to the kind of dogs that some (misguided) people think need a firmer hand in training, I like the dog sports that are dominated by people that use old school training techniques and I don’t really give a monkeys if someone thinks I’m a cookie pushing hippy.


YPBY: How do you define success with a client?

Nando Brown: Each dog and each client is very much an individual so their goals can vary widely however reaching that goal whether it’s a small step or a giant leap can be the very definition of success.

YPBY: What do you most want your clients coming away from your classes knowing?

Nando Brown: My goal is to have each and every person learn something new and have buckets of fun, if I get that then I’m chuffed.


For more information on Nando and In The Doghouse’s popular on-line Trick Dog program, click here

Nando’s also got a pretty awesome YouTube channel which will include his newest project Incredimal  an online video diary of him raising his latest dog, she will be a Malinois and he’ll be filming pretty much everything! Including FREE dog training lessons! It includes some pretty funny videos, as well, and they are especially funny and resonate with those of us who have moved beyond training with pain, like this one

Thank you, Nando Brown for letting us shine the spotlight on you and In The Doghouse DTC. You are an incredible force for good for dogs, and we are proud and honored to count you as colleague and friend!