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We’re happy you found us, and hope you will find what you are looking for, whether it’s training tips, information on specific issues, good resources or are just hoping to see some well-loved pit bulls!

Your Pit Bull and You is committed to a few things: highlighting pit bulls in the most positive light, promoting humane, reward-based training and paying it forward. Your Pit Bull and You only endorses training methods that do not involve pain, fear, startle or shock.

What about the whole paying it forward thing? Well, we are also committed to sharing the love. If you’ve been to our Facebook page, you know that we regularly feature articles and training tips (in addition to featuring pictures of your amazing pit bulls, which is probably our favorite part!). Based on the amazing work you have all done with your beloved dogs, we realize that not only do we have something amazing to share with each other, but we also have amazing things to share with the world.

Your Pit Bull and You is an organization that creates and shares quality training content and educational messages and one in which donations for specific fundraisers are used to help others fulfill their missions. The missions of the organizations we support must include having made the same commitment to training dogs (of whatever type) in a humane manner, using science-based methods, which just happen to come with a wonderful side dish of compassion.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride and continue to grow with us. Since we started in March 2013, we have heard so many of your stories, and shared your setbacks and triumphs. Our promise to you is to continue to show pit bulls in only the most positive light, to promote the use of humane training methods and to always pay it forward.


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