How Long Do Bulldogs Live? We’ll look at every area of the English Bulldog’s life in this post.

We’re all curious about the lifespan of our existing or future pets.

And they want to know whether they have any health issues that could shorten their lives.

We also care about our pets and want them to live as long as possible.

As a result, it’s only natural that we seek out as many answers as possible regarding their life expectancy.

So, how old are English Bulldogs? This is an essential question to consider.

First and foremost, if you’re interested in learning more about English Bulldogs or if this post has piqued your curiosity, you can check out our comprehensive breed guide here.

How Long Do Bulldogs Live?
How Long Do Bulldogs Live?

Overview: How Long Do Bulldogs Live?

The English bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds among pet owners.

While dogs are the most popular pet choice, some of the most popular breeds are English bulldogs.

The domestication of dogs is not a recent development in human history.

There are even more reasons to welcome an English bulldog into your home because bulldogs are good in terms of behavior for families with children and adults.

The breed’s history isn’t as wholesome as the breed itself.

The oldest English bulldog was bred for bull-biting in Europe.

Their genetic makeup made them well-suited to this sport.

Bulldogs were subsequently emancipated from this practice after several years, and they are now recognized to be a highly gentle and playful breed.

Although they may retain the nasty characteristics of their predecessors due to their genetic makeup, they are in actuality among of the most family-friendly dogs.

As a home pet, this cuddly breed is preferred by the majority of American families.

It’s also crucial to have a good understanding of your pet before you get one.

A bulldog’s behavior has been influenced by their genetic makeup over the years.

You might be surprised by some of their actions as they mature into adult dogs.

However, starting adequate training with your bulldog when he or she is a puppy will help lessen these behavioral issues and help you better understand your cuddly pet.

The most important thing to remember about bulldogs is that you should buy or adopt your pet from a reputable breeder.

If you adopt a pet from an animal shelter, make an appointment with the veterinarian as soon as possible. Stay away from backyard breeders since they put their dogs through a long and torturous cycle of breeding over and again in order to sell them for more money.

Buying from a backyard breeder supports this practice, and your pet will be weaker as a result of the mother’s repeated breeding. Bulldogs are notorious for being stubborn and aggressive, but this is not the case when it comes to their family.

If not adequately trained, this aggressiveness is primarily directed towards unfamiliar faces.

When your bulldog is trained from a young age, he or she will become more patient, less stubborn, and more obedient.

Your dog, like almost every dog breed, can be highly possessive with its food.

This habit can be controlled if your dog is trained from a young age.

The English bulldog is recognized for its loyalty, as well as being friendly and good with children.

One thing you may find bothersome is your small friend’s proclivity for chewing on virtually anything!

To give them with a dog-proof environment, keep them away from plants and shoes.

How long do bulldogs live on average?

With its loyalty and brave behavior, an English bulldog may capture your heart.

However, looking at a dog’s life expectancy is a vital habit to follow before purchasing one.

The lifespan of a bulldog is slightly longer than that of other canines.

A healthy bulldog can live for up to ten years, whereas the average bulldog only lives for six to eight years.

The longevity of an American bulldog is considerably shorter, with only a few canines of this breed dying of old age.

In the previous year, approximately 8% of bulldogs died of old age.

Bulldogs have an extremely short lifespan, ranging from six to eight years.

There are numerous reasons that put your dog’s life in jeopardy, just as they do for any other canine. Its longevity is influenced by its daily nutrition, activity habit, and environmental factors.

One of the numerous reasons for their health concerns is unethical breeding of such dog breeds. Individual health is frequently influenced by genetics.

Years of selective breeding in bulldogs have favored health issues such as the squished face and skin folds, as well as the short stature of this medium-sized dog.

Because of these desirable characteristics, these dogs have acquired a variety of health problems, including hip joint dysplasia and obesity.

Other medical problems can also have an impact on your dog’s quality of life.

Breathing problems in bulldogs are caused by heart and respiratory problems, lowering their quality of life.

Hip dysplasia and kidney problems are also present in this dog.

How can the life expectancy of bulldogs be increased?

An English bulldog has a shorter life expectancy than an American bulldog.

The average lifespan of an American bulldog is ten years, while the average lifespan of an English bulldog is eight years.

Bulldogs can benefit from a variety of things that can help them live long as healthy dogs and have healthy lives.

One of them is a weight-lifting workout that also helps these dogs lose weight.

To live peacefully, an English bulldog does not require a large yard.

This dog is content in spaces that are large enough for it.

English bulldogs, on the other hand, do not perform well in tropical climates without air conditioning.

They are unable to survive in hot climes and are susceptible to heat stroke, which shortens their lifespan.

Because the nasal tissue of an English bulldog is so big compared to that of most dogs, bulldogs are susceptible to a variety of respiratory disorders.

It is preferable to give them with a cool and air-conditioned atmosphere in order to eliminate respiratory problems. It’s also critical to provide your bulldog with the proper nutrition.

For dogs above the age of five, a daily intake of 1,500 calories is required.

You can give American bulldog puppies a high-protein diet and make sure they get enough exercise to avoid getting overweight.

It is recommended that you take them for a 20-minute walk each day to encourage healthier breathing.

It’s also vital to remember that they’re sensitive, and excessive exercise or walking can cause joint pain in your American bulldog.

Other ways to extend their lives include seeing your veterinarian frequently, having your pet vaccinated, and having regular medical checks.

Also, keep your American bulldog’s health practitioner up to speed on the foods he or she consumes.

Frequent blood tests and observations of their everyday activities can aid in the early detection of various disorders, allowing for more effective treatment and improved health.

Neutering your American bulldog can extend his or her life expectancy.

Because they are no longer at risk of ovarian and testicular cancer, their life expectancy may increase.

Due to their flat and narrow face, which cannot store excess nasal tissue, bulldogs frequently suffer from respiratory difficulties.

What are the most common reasons for bulldog deaths?

Although the condition is frequent in practically all dog breeds, health concern in specific breeds have a substantial impact on lifespan.

Bulldogs came with a slew of health problems as a result of their preferred breeding and the canine genetics.

While a nutritious diet can help you live a longer and healthier life, there are some risks associated with bulldogs.

Heart disease is frequent in bulldogs of all ages, but it can be treated if identified early enough.

Small habits can help your dog live a long life; for example, excellent dental care can extend the life of a bulldog and add years to its longevity.

Loss of appetite and lack of enthusiasm in exercising are two signs that can indicate cardiac disease and is considered as health issue.

The majority of bulldogs are overweight.

When their diet isn’t adequately managed, their weight rises, which can lead to renal problems or breathing problem and other medical issues.

The bladder and kidney stones are two more factors that limit your dog’s ability to live a long and healthy life. Female dogs are more likely to have this illness.

A little bit of high-quality dog food can go a long way.

Dog food formulated specifically for your kennel club dog’s health can help it live a longer and healthier life.

Flat faces are another prevalent cause of death in olde English bulldogge.

Their muzzled faces may appear cute, but they can cause serious respiratory problems in your dog.

The additional tissue on their airways causes a slew of breathing issues as a result of their short faces, limiting their potential to live lengthy lives and putting their lives in jeopardy.

Old English Bulldog extra skin tissues cause health problems such as digestive problems and even heat stroke.

Cancer, on the other hand, is the major cause of death among bulldogs.

Around 20% of bulldogs succumb to cancer.

The longest-living English bulldog lifespan of all time survived for about 12 years, demonstrating that with proper care, English bulldogs can live a long life and avoid health problem.

What is the average bulldog lifespan?

Crossbreed dogs have a far longer life expectancy than their parent breeds.

Some bulldog breeds that have recently evolved live longer than traditional kinds.

The French bulldog is one of these breeds, although they, too, have a flat face and are susceptible to respiratory problems.

In comparison, American bulldogs are healthier. In this situation, the bulldog’s lifespan is estimated to be roughly 15 years.

Another comparable breed is the Australian bulldog, however they are not appropriate as guard dogs.

The continental bulldog is also a healthy dog option, with a life expectancy that is higher than that of the typical English bulldog.

They are also protected from the most common causes of death in English bulldogs in the majority of situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do bulldogs have a short lifespan?

Bulldogs are well-known for having a multitude of physical problems that make them extremely unhealthy. They are prone to diseases and have a short lifetime due to their breeding to the extremes of physical traits.

Is 13 old for a bulldog?

While many dog breeds can live up to 13 or 14 years, and some even longer (such as the Chihuahua), the English Bulldog has a comparatively short lifespan in comparison.

Is 7 old for a bulldog?

When a Bulldog reaches the age of seven, he is considered a senior. Your pet’s organs aren’t as efficient as they once were at this age. As a result, your senior Bulldog’s personality and physical strength can vary.

How old is the oldest bulldog?

It has been doing so for at least eight years. There have been a few stories of Bulldogs turning 16 this spring, according to their owners (2019). Oliver, the owner’s dog, lived to be 20 years old and died in January 2018, according to one owner from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Why do bulldogs stink?

Those charming face folds, like those of other brachycephalic dogs like Frenchies or pugs, can trap moisture, sweat, and food, which can not only make your bulldog uncomfortable, but also cause odors, hot spots, and skin illnesses like skin fold pyoderma.

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