YPBY is a leading resource for people and their dogs to learn about positive, reward-based training and canine-based advocacy. Their blogs help readers understand that pit bulls are not inherently different in the way that they learn or the way in which they need to be trained. I am grateful to know that this non profit group exists to close the gap between training and dog advocacy. We can’t use harsh aversive training to have well-balanced dogs. We can’t ask dogs to be relaxed when they are being shocked or threatened. YPBY empowers the reader to not only understand this concept, but also gives the readers tools on how to effectively change their behavior and training techniques in order to have relaxed, happy dogs.  A relaxed happy dog will only make headlines that read simply, “couch potato dog is a blanket thief” or “Hiking dog makes it to the top of Everest with his human.” We can all learn from YPBY and I’m grateful to work side by side with them to change the world for the better, for both canine and human alike.