There are numerous prominent Pitbull bloodlines, but only a few can claim to have contributed to the breed’s roots.

I can almost guarantee that any Pitbull lover or breeder will be aware of the Colby bloodline.

One of the oldest and most well-known bloodlines in Pitbulls is the Colby bloodline.

It is considered a foundation of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed and dates back more than 100 years.

I’ll go over the fascinating history of the Colby Pitbull lineage as well as answer some frequently asked questions in this essay.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about Pitbulls’ history or if you want to know if this bloodline is right for you.

The Colby Pitbull
The Colby Pitbull

What Is A Colby Pitbull?

The Colby Pitbull is considered one of the purest and oldest Pitbull lineages or breeds.

In 1889, John Colby began breeding Pitbulls, and his line has been passed down through the Colby family ever since.

He is regarded as one of the most successful dog breeders in the world, with this bloodline serving as the foundation for the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT).

The temperament, conformation, and gameness of Colby dogs are well-known.

The ability and willingness of a dog to complete any activity or die trying is referred to as gameness.

Colby Pitbulls have established a name for themselves as outstanding fighting dogs because of this.

Colby’s Tige or Colby’s Sara are examples of pitbulls from this strain.

This is because the Colby name is well-known for producing high-quality dogs.

Breeders that use this bloodline continue this naming practice today.

What Does A Colby Pitbull Look Like?

Any dog that is descended from the Colby kennel’s original bloodline is referred to as a Colby Pitbull.

Their hefty, muscular size, alertness, and agility are appreciated.

We’ll get into the Colby surname in a minute, but first, let’s look at what it means to be a Colby Pitbull.

These colby pit dog were bred for temperament, conformation, and gameness, earning them a high level of respect and demand.

Let’s look at these in more detail:


Colby Pitbull dog were intended to be self-assured and have a ‘zeal for life.’

They should also exude confidence and excitement, and be eager to please at all times.

Despite their intimidating appearance and powerful presence, they should have a softer, playful side.

Indeed, many APBT owners claim that their dogs are ideal family companions, with a special fondness for youngsters.


This refers to the dog’s physical appearance, which should be well-proportioned, muscular, and attractive.

Every observable detail on the dog must be flawless.

This is especially crucial in the show ring, where points might be removed for characteristics that aren’t up to par.

When it comes to banned breeds, this is obviously a moot point because they will not be allowed in shows!


A rather old-fashioned term that alludes to a dog’s readiness to embrace and complete a challenge.

It was bred into them over history to ensure that they entered a combat with the purpose of winning at all costs or dying in the process.

Pitbulls are intelligent, energetic dogs who thrive on a challenge, such as agility training or obstacle courses.

Gameness is a good and healthy thing in this area – albeit no one wants their dog to die in the process!

The issue is that gameness is still closely linked to the realms of dogfighting and hunting.

Game dogs have a high pain tolerance and will fight even if they are seriously injured, whether they are fighting in the ring or being bitten by wild animals like badgers.

Many individuals are beginning to doubt the need for this particular attribute as a result of this.

History of the Colby Pitbull Bloodline

The narrative begins in 1888, when a 13-year-old kid named John Pritchard Colby received his first pitbull dog.

John Colby had a lot of business knowledge, enthusiasm, and perseverance for a young man when he embarked on a quest that would make him one of the most respected dog breeders in history.

He began breeding pitbulls the following year, 1889, with the pitbull he had been given.

He acquired some of the best fighting canines from Ireland and England, where bloodsports were still prominent, from his residence in Newport, Massachusetts.

It’s all too easy to pass judgment on others because of our modern sensibilities.

All right-thinking people today despise the idea of breeding dogs just for the purpose of making them tear each other apart for our enjoyment.

However, this was a different era, and many people tolerated dogfighting as an everyday occurrence.

Over the next few years, John P Colby refined his lineage, focusing on the dog’s physical build, temperament, and gameness.

The dog’s readiness to enter a fight or take on any challenge, as well as his willingness to never give up, depended on the latter trait.

This, combined with their quickness and massive strong bulk, resulted in a dog geared for fighting and winning.

Colby had a good reputation as a breeder by 1896. Colby’s Pincher, one of his most significant dogs, was born that year.

In the combat ring, he was largely considered as unbeatable, and he was also utilized as a stud dog.

Pincher is thought to be the founder of the American Pitbull Terrier breed, which is why he can be found in the pedigree of the bulk of modern APBT specimens!

Con Feeley and Guy McCord, friends of John Colby and fellow breeders of American Pitbull Terriers, founded the American Dog Breed Association (ADBA) in 1909.

Colby dogs were registered with the ADBA as a result of this teamwork, and their fame grew even further.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) ultimately recognized American Pitbull Terriers in the 1930s, but due to worries about their links to dogfighting, they were registered as Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which was later changed to American Staffordshire Terriers.

Colby’s Primo, one of Colby’s best canines, was used to establish breed criteria.

This practice was carried on by the Colby family until recently.

They don’t advertise their breeding services much, although they do occasionally release a litter.

The American Pitbull Terrier is still not recognized by the AKC, but it has been for many years by other organizations such as the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the Continental Kennel Club (CKC).

Characteristics of Colby Pitbull

Physical traits of true Colby Pitbulls are as follows:

• Height – Females should be 17–18 inches tall at the shoulder, while males should be 18–19 inches tall.

• Weight – They should weigh between 40 and 50 pounds when they are fully mature.

• Head – With a hefty, broad skull, this, along with the muzzle, should be medium-length.

• Coat – They should have a short, shiny coat that needs to be groomed on a regular basis to stay in good shape and reduce shedding.

• Neck/shoulders – With wide, sloping shoulder blades and a hefty, medium-length neck, the shoulders are toned and powerful.

• Tail – Their tail is short, tapered, and held in a low position.

These dogs have a strong sense of proportion in general.

Is it true that Colby Pitbulls are uncommon?

It’s not as uncommon as you may imagine! John Colby boasted that he bred roughly 5,000 dogs over the course of his career, the majority of which remained in the United States.

As a result, many pitbull-type dogs in the United States will have the Colby bloodline in their genealogy.

Even still, there are only a handful Colby Pitbulls that are 100% pure.

These dogs are still bred by the Colby family, but on a much smaller scale, making ‘authentic’ Colby dogs extremely rare.

In general, though, hundreds of breeders now produce dogs with the Colby bloodline.

Colby Pitbulls: How Long Do They Live?

A Colby Pitbull’s average lifespan is between 12 and 14 years.

This is somewhat higher than the national average for all dog breeds, and it’s a positive sign that they’re in good shape.

They, like all dogs, are susceptible to a variety of illnesses and disorders, including hip dysplasia, parvo, and giardia (an infection of the digestive tract).

Some people are predisposed to allergies and congenital heart disease, while others may develop cataracts.

The best approach to prevent the risk of these problems is to eat a good diet, get lots of exercise, and see your veterinarian on a regular basis.

Furthermore, only purchase pitbull pups from a trustworthy breeder!

What is the maximum size of a Colby Pitbull?

A male will stand between 18 and 19 inches tall at the shoulder, while females are only an inch or two shorter.

Weight-wise, any sex can weigh between 40 and 50 pounds.

Keep in mind that this only applies to pure breeds that fall under the category of pitbulls.

The American Bulldog (or American Bully) isn’t really a pitbull, although it’s commonly mistaken for one.

These can reach 60 to 125 pounds and measure 20 to 27 inches in length, with males being the larger of the two.

Despite the fact that they are commonly referred to as pitbulls, they have no true link to the Colby bloodline.

What Is The Most Rare Pitbull Breed?

The Blue-Nose Pitbull, most likely.

This is usually a diluted variant of the black hue or an unintentional genetic throwback.

Whatever the case may be, they are really lovely! Some will have stunning blue eyes that complement their smoky coat, making them even more alluring.

The unfortunate reality is that everytime a color is designated as uncommon, its popularity skyrockets, attracting backyard breeders.

When demand drops again, many dogs will wind up in shelters, where they will be euthanized because to the negative image they carry.

You’re unlikely to locate a pure Colby Blue-Nose Pitbull because the family was adamant about not breeding black-nosed dogs.

This was significant to them since it represented the most pure form.

Whatever our feelings about the Colby bloodline’s origins and past, they were serious about maintaining the bloodline pure, which meant that their breeding procedures were closely supervised to eliminate undesired traits.

Colby-type dogs with blue noses, coats, and eyes may be produced by other breeders.

You just need to be cautious when purchasing one because they might be offered at exorbitant costs because to their rarity.

What Does A Razorback Pitbull Look Like?

To begin with, there isn’t really anything like it.

Backyard breeders occasionally use the word to make their pets sound more exciting.

The Cambodian dog is the only canine that comes close to this moniker.

Razorbacks are a very unusual breed of shark.

Certain breeders are likely to use the term Razorback Pitbull since it sounds cool and implies a rare breed of dog.

It also sounds like Razor Edge Pitbulls, a mixed-breed created by the Razors Edge Kennels, which was founded in 1980 by Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale.

The founders had a lot of success when they first started breeding dogs for competition.

However, in the 1990s, partly in response to the poor perception of pitbulls among the general public, they shifted their focus to companion dogs, despite the fact that they are much larger.

Despite their menacing appearance, they are recognized for their lovely and friendly temperament!

Price of Colby Pitbull

You could expect to pay around $800 at the very least.

Anything less than this indicates that you’re dealing with an amateur, a naive backyard breeder, or a puppy mill. Never go to the first place that advertises “puppy for sale!”

A reputable breeder will charge between $2,000 and $20,000 on average.

Yes, you read that correctly — $20,000.00. The higher the price, the more prestigious the pedigree

. These are champion bloodline dogs at the peak of their game.

You might adopt for a couple hundred dollars from a shelter, which is fantastic.

Thousands of pets are euthanized each year after being dumped in shelters or rescue facilities.

However, you should be aware that some of these dogs will come with baggage, having been abused or having had unpleasant experiences in their previous homes.

They may not be housebroken or trained, and they may have behavioral issues.

This isn’t to say that they don’t deserve a shot; it just means that taking them on requires a certain kind of person.

Breeders of Colby Pitbulls

Keeping with the breeder theme, you must choose your breeder carefully because they are not all the same.

In order to maximize income, unethical breeders, sometimes known as puppy mills or puppy farms, decrease costs as much as possible.

They’ll confine parent dogs and puppies in filthy circumstances and feed them inferior food.

As a result, the dogs may suffer both mentally and physically.

Inbreeding and line breeding will be used intensively by some, resulting in serious birth abnormalities and diseases.

They’re unlikely to give papers for proper dog show registration, and they’re not likely to welcome you to view their facilities.

Breeders of established and reputable Colby Pitbulls will relish the opportunity to display the fruits of their labor.

They’ll gladly answer your questions and go over their health screening and genetic testing processes with you.

However, if you have any doubts, do not purchase from them!

The Colby name is well-known, and breeders are proud to be associated with it.

However, many people are willing to take advantage of this in order to profit.

You must be prepared before taking your Colby Pitbull puppy home.

Find a reputable neighborhood veterinarian to whom you can entrust your pets; you’ll be seeing them on a regular basis.

Do some research on nutrition and exercise, as these two important aspects will have a long-term impact on your puppy’s health.

Bored dogs with too much energy are also more inclined to misbehave and act aggressively.

To get your dog adjusted to new sounds, sights, and smells, look into training and socializing.

Allow them to interact with people and other animals, particularly other dogs, since this will help to reduce hostility later.

Keep command words brief and short when teaching, such as stay, sit, come, and so on.

Food aggressiveness and mouthing are two of the most common issues with Colby Pitbull puppies. The first issue can be solved by teaching your dog to share food.

Stick your hand in the food when you deliver it to them in a dish.

If you do this often enough, you’ll be able to avoid any unpleasantness when it comes to feeding time when they’re older.

Mouthing is another concern, as all canines utilize it to explore their surroundings.

However, this can quickly escalate into a habit of biting.

Distract them with a soft toy or chew, and then reward them when they comply.

In the early stages following birth, all puppies are vulnerable to infections such as parvovirus, and must be safeguarded.

Pitbull puppies are more vulnerable to this disease, thus immunization should begin at 39 days old and continue every two weeks until they reach the age of four months.

They’ll need another shot at 8 months, and then every year after that, as with all other dogs.

Breeding has also raised the risk of Demodex Mange, which is exacerbated by the fact that many puppies suffer from an inflammatory disease.

You may see bald spots on your dog’s feet and head, which is a solid evidence that they have this ailment.

Demodex Mange is classified into two types: mild and severe.

Both can be addressed with medication, but it’s a time-consuming and costly process.

Which Pitbull Bloodline Is The Best?

The majority of dog owners, breeders, and pitbull lovers consider the Colby bloodline to be the greatest!

The name is spoken with a mixture of wonder and veneration on websites and forums.

The Colby dogs are regarded as the best examples available, and everybody who owns one is proud to proclaim it.

As previously mentioned, the Old Family Red-Nose bloodline ranks second on the list.

Males from this bloodline can weigh up to 63 pounds and measure up to 22 inches in length.

Females are typically smaller, weighing between 30 and 40 pounds and standing between 17 and 20 inches tall.

The Jeep bloodline, created by James Crenshaw in 1976, isn’t far behind. Crenshaw’s Jeep, the dog who gained the unpleasant distinction of ‘best fighter,’ was the inspiration for the line.

It appears that the Jeep lineage was born to battle, and Crenshaw’s reputation as a ‘dogman’ endures more than a decade after his death.

Those who scream his praises are often those who condone and support dogfights, which does little to assuage the fears of anyone worried about pitbull violence.

What Was The Pitbull’s First Bloodline?

Most people believe the Colby bloodline is the oldest, dating back to 1889 and continuing to this day.

However, some accounts mention the Old Family Red-Nose bloodline, which originated in Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century.

This is a pitbull with a stunning red coat, a red nose, and deep red/amber eyes, not a separate breed.

Its fury appears to have been exacerbated by the genes that gave it this hue, making it suitable for Ireland’s dog pits.

Surprisingly, they’re also recognized for their ‘friendly demeanor’!

They eventually made their way to America with Irish immigrants, where they became immediate celebrities.

Colby Pitbull with a Red Nose

This red nose pitbull header is deceptive, but it’s included since it appears frequently in Google searches.

The Colby kennels were known for breeding black-nosed dogs, and they never moved far from their original focus.

In fact, old family red nose go to great lengths to eliminate any indications of pink or red in their pets.

Inbreeding can eventually result in a dog having a red coat, and Colby worked hard to avoid this.

Other breeders may not adhere to the same strict guidelines, resulting in a diluted black color that fades to crimson with time.

Is it true that American Pitbull Terriers are dangerous?

This question is unavoidable while writing about pitbulls.

And the answer is yes… and no at the same time.

Remember, these are dogs who were bred for fighting in the first place, with a focus on gameness.

This trait indicates that they will fight to the death to win, which is unquestionably savage.

Many breeders have utilized selective breeding to lessen aggression in their dogs, but reports of dog attacks on humans, other dogs, and pets imply that the problem isn’t yet solved.

American Pitbull Terriers have a reputation for being one of the world’s most aggressive and dangerous dog breeds.

Surprisingly, research regularly shows that the Chihuahua is more aggressive, but because of its small size, it does not cause as much damage when attacked.

When compared to a pitbull bite, a Chihuahua’s bite is nothing!

As a result, the APBT receives all of the attention, with several countries, including at least ten states in the United States, prohibiting or restricting breeding.

Some breeders and fanatics, it must be acknowledged, do not assist the problem.

When it comes to statistics on pitbull assaults on humans, there is often a lack of transparency and honesty.

Bert Colby Leadbetter, a two-year-old nephew of John Colby, was killed by one of his own dogs in a terrible attack that broke his neck and vertebrae.

Colby failed to report the incident to the authorities and refused to speak about it, ostensibly to avoid any unfavorable consequences for his business.

According to recent accounts, no action was taken against the dog, and Colby was not charged.

Dogs are more popular than ever before; there are about 90 million in the United States alone.

There are around 4.5 million pitbulls in the United States.

Each year, almost 5 million dog bites are registered, with many more likely going undetected.

There are 344,000 persons that need to go to the emergency room out of this group.

Obviously, pitbulls aren’t responsible for all of these.

But it’s the next statistic that gets people’s attention: pitbulls were responsible for 284 deaths in the United States between 2005 and 2017.

This accounts for more than 65 percent of all dog-bite-related deaths.

For some, this colby dog may be sufficient proof that these are deadly canines.

However, we must keep in mind that these dogs are popular among members of society who engage in criminal activity, such as dog fighting.

Gang members utilize them as a form of protection and intimidation, as well as status and fashion symbols. Mistreatment and abuse are likely since aggression is promoted.

Yes, American Pitbull Terriers are hazardous, but this is completely due to human error.

These colby pit bull dogs are normally as safe as any other breed in the right environment, with adequate training and socialization like the american staffordshire terrier, gator pitbull and gottiline pitbull.

Last Thoughts

John P Colby was a committed and enthusiastic dog breeder, to say the least.

Despite the negative press surrounding the American Pitbull Terrier, his family has carried on his legacy, and the breed is still quite popular.

The truth is that the Colby bloodline, like many others, was created solely to supply combat dogs.

That is an absolutely harsh and filthy thing to most of us these days.

Pitbull fans all around the world admire John Colby and his dogs, but they are divided into two camps: those who oppose animal cruelty and those who don’t mind it.

Of course, it all boils down to personal convictions.

Civilized culture, on the other hand, is gradually learning to move away from the cruel, barbaric practices of the past and to love and respect all living things.

Dog fighting will become a distant memory in the future.

When this happens, perhaps breeders, including Colby, will follow Razors Edge Kennels’ lead, which produces dogs with all the physical characteristics we admire while also having a calm disposition and a kind, loving attitude.

After all, pitbulls are only feared as a result of human meddling and interference.

Over the years, a lot of effort has gone into creating nasty killing robots.

Perhaps it’s time to focus all of our efforts on creating safe family pets that will be welcomed worldwide?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Colby pit bull?

Colby Pitbulls are one of the oldest and most popular Pitbull bloodlines in the United States. They were the result of John Colby, an American breeder, putting forth a lot of effort in 1889. To provide a standard look for the bloodline, the Colby bloodline has a distinct history of Irish and English dogs.

How big do Colby pits get?

Physical traits of true Colby Pitbulls are as follows: Females should stand 17–18 inches tall at the shoulder, while males should stand 18–19 inches tall. Weight – They should weigh between 40 and 50 pounds when they are fully mature.

What’s the best pitbull bloodline?

When it comes to Pitbulls, the Colby Pitbull is the most prevalent bloodline. This particular bloodline dates back over a century. Colby Pitbulls are popular, well-respected, and loved because of their physical characteristics and overall demeanor.

How do I find my Pitbulls bloodline?

Tip #2: Ask your dog’s breeder about his or her bloodlines. Even for unregistered dogs, many pit bull breeders keep pedigree information. To research the bloodline, write down the names of as many generations as possible, or ask the breeder for a copy of the sire and dam’s pedigree.

What type of pitbull is Hulk?

Hulk, on the other hand, isn’t your typical pit bull. The Hulk is a hybrid. He is the offspring of a pit bull and an English bulldog, which may account for his enormous size. “What do you feed a 175-pound pit bull?” is probably the most significant question about Hulk. 4 pounds of ground beef is the solution.

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