Your Pit Bull and You was born way back in March of 2013. One of the first items on our agenda was to bust the myth that pit bulls needed a heavier hand in training. We set out to show the world that, just like any other type of dog, pit bulls could be trained using reward-based methods. We began by posting helpful articles on training, and started creating  posters that we call the “Trained Without Pain” series. 42 dogs later, we had a well-defined niche that we began to expand by including quotes from people that we admire on posters, always featuring well-loved pit bulls. If you look back through our photos, in fact, other than our calendar contest, where we featured an “honorary” pit bull (which turned out to be a pig!), all of the pictures are of pit bulls. Which makes sense, after all, we are Your Pit Bull and You! But, what we found over time is that of our 10,000+ followers on Facebook, many of you don’t have pit bulls. You have Poodles and German Shepherds and French Bulldogs and mixes of every variety under the sun. Maybe you joined us because you are drawn to pit bulls, maybe because you are interested in learning more about reward-based training. Whatever the reason, we are glad you are here! And, to celebrate that, we are bringing back the Trained Without Pain series and opening it up to ALL dogs who have been lucky enough to be trained in a way that is humane, safe and never painful or scary.

Beginning Wednesday, May 28, 2014,we’ll be featuring a new Trained Without Pain dog weekly. We’ll post them in the evening on our Facebook page, so be on the lookout! Once the entries start rolling in, you never know when it could be your dog’s turn! Here’s what we need in order to include your dog in the series:

  • A good quality, clear photograph. No glowing eyes, no messy background.
  • A brief write-up about your dog, so we can pull something special out of it to include with the image.
  • By submitting your dog’s photo, you give us permission to use it on our Facebook page, website, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • A commitment to training your dog using force-free, reward-based methods. If you have used traditional methods in the past, no worries. We know this is a journey and support your decision to make the switch to reward-based training.
  • Your dog CAN be a pit bull!
  • If we discover that you have misrepresented the training methods currently used with your dog, the photo will be removed. We have had to do this a few times, and though unfortunate and uncomfortable, we will do so again if necessary.
  • Photos that contain a photographer’s watermark will not be considered.

To be considered, all entries must be sent to us via email. We will confirm with you that we have received your entry, but please be sure to include any relevant information in your initial email. Emails can be sent to Entries posted on our Facebook wall or inbox will not be considered.

Are you ready? Let’s get famous!