When I worked at Women’s Humane Society, providing treats in buckets on the dogs kennels was my favorite initiative. Having treats available when visitors walked through the kennels allowed dogs to show off their skills (like sitting quietly), but more importantly helped them make positive associations with people approaching them.

Getting the initiative off the ground was inexpensive and we were able to make improvements along the way. It’s been successful and is a great way to get dogs and people interacting with each other.

Keeping these buckets stocked is no easy feat. Being reliant on donations makes it even harder. We’d love to help the dogs and the shelter have treats available on an ongoing basis. Your Pit Bull and You is now set up so that we can accept donations through our Facebook page and the website. We are able to purchase treats wholesale and even $100 in treats will go very far in helping us achieve our goals. If 10 people donation 10 bucks- we’ll be able to get  started providing them with goodies!

Lulu is an adoptable dog at WHS.

The donate button on Facebook is right under the cover photo:

And you’ll find it at the bottom of the homepage on the website:


We’ve also got a fundraiser coming soon featuring a new design. We are pretty excited about it, so stay tuned and thanks for your continued support!

Your Pit Bull and You is a registered 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible.